Lorraine McGovern the principal of Ballyshannon N.S

20th February, 2017

Sherpa Kids opened its doors at Ballyshannon National School in April 2016.  We consulted with Karl, Sherpa Kids owner and in a short space of time we started preparations to open Sherpa Kids at our school.  Karl and Sherpa Kids staff prepared a classroom which is used for the club. It was brightened with murals, shelving and colourful table tops.  There are specific zones for light meals/snacks, homework, rest time and play.  Parents drop their children early in the morning and use it after school for short periods or until 6.00pm when Sherpa Kids closes in the evening.  Each morning and evening the staff at Sherpa Kids leave the classroom very clean and tidy and ready for class. The club has lots of themed activities which are carefully planned by their staff.

Sherpa Kids has blended in very well at Ballyshannon NS and there has been no disruption to the everyday running of the school.  We have built up a very good relationship with Karl who has been most helpful. He offers a great care service with dedicated staff who consider parents’ and children’s’ needs.