Sherpa Kids Programmes

Our programmes meet all standards and guidelines as recommended and reflected by the Sherpa Kids’ philosophy and values. We also comply to international standards and local guidelines.

Sherpa Kids programmes will also:

  • Ensure children’s learning and development is facilitated, their individual interests and abilities are encouraged and their needs are met.
  • Provide challenging and interesting age appropriate activities using a variety of resources and suitable equipment to engage and stimulate children’s physical, intellectual, social and creative abilities.
  • Plan for a range of daily indoor and outdoor activities taking in to account the health and development guidelines for the age group.
  • Enable children to participate in quiet/active activities, as well as group/small group or individual activities.
  • Encourage children to be part of the Sherpa Kids community and the wider community beyond.
  • Be evaluated regularly by children, parents and staff using a variety of assessments and strategies.

Daily Programme

We provide a healthy meal for your children. We supervise their homework and give them opportunities for quiet time. We involve them in fun and engaging learning & enrichment activities that help them acquire valuable life skills. These activities also provide a springboard for revision of key concepts taught during school time.

In addition to offering a wide range of activities, we also give the children the opportunity to connect with children at our centres in other countries. They learn about each other’s lives, share experiences and collaborate on projects together.

If your child needs help with their schoolwork, tuition with our highly experienced tutors can also be added to your Sherpa Kids package.

A Typical After School Routine would look like this:

  • Re charge with a healthy meal or snack
  • Homework or Quiet Activity
  • Planned Learning /Enrichment Activities
  • Optional Tuition
  • Outdoor/Indoor play time
  • Tidy up & Quiet time

The Planned Learning/Enrichment Activities include a mixture of:

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Music and Drama
  • Sports and Games
  • Science and Experiments
  • Technology

Cultural Diversity

Sherpa Kids programmes will be mindful of cultural differences and the needs of the children in our care.

We will encourage staff and families to contribute knowledge of their culture to enhance our programmes, activities, procedures and policies to ensure our children’s needs are being met and to enhance the overall quality of our service.

Children with Additional Needs

Every effort will be made to include children with additional needs in our programmes and a full assessment, with the assistance of the child’s parents, will be made to determine the child’s needs and if they can be catered for prior to the child commencing care.

Family & Community Involvement

Families are welcome to spend time at our service with their children and this will also increase communication between Sherpa Kids staff and families and help us to meet your and your child’s needs and expectations.

If your family or child has a special day or significant event you would like us to celebrate or share, please discuss this with staff.

Community and school involvement is also encouraged at our services. We feel the information and experiences this can provide can enrich a child’s development and learning experience.