Services & Structure


Time is allocated for each child to complete homework activities. This is a particularly important time as it allows children to focus on tasks in a supervised environment. If a child has no homework or finishes prior to the time allowed, they will be able to choose other suitable activities which have an education focus.

Staff will provide support to children in order for them to complete homework tasks. They will encourage each child to have a positive attitude towards school and homework.

Meals & Snacks

A Halal meal or snack is provided in our After School Care and Holiday Care sessions and is included in the fee structure. A variety of healthy food choices will be on offer as well as fresh fruit and water. Food is prepared using local food and safety guidelines.

The menu will be displayed each week and we welcome suggestions from children and parents.

For children with allergies or special requirements, we will ensure that their dietary needs are met and that no food types that could cause an allergic reaction will be included in any of the meals or snacks served.

Excursions & Trips

To enhance learning experiences and extend activities, we organise off site trips for the children in our care.

We encourage parents to allow their children to join these off-site excursions as we believe they are an important part of a child’s learning experience.

We compile a risk assessment prior to any off site trip to ensure the safety of the children at all times.

Should parents not wish their child to go on the excursion, on site care will continue as usual.

Parent & Caregiver Communication

Our Sherpa Kids newsletter is sent to our families and community so up-to-date information about our staff, policies, fees, upcoming programme activities and special events is communicated.

We also will reflect on the fun that we have had in our programmes and share any ideas and community information that you may find useful.