Benefits of Joining Sherpa Kids

Our Sherpa Kids head office team will assist you in signing up your first location and will provide constant help and support!

Whilst we are always there to help in any and every way, the degree of your success will be determined by your own drive and dedication. Over the years, we have found that the success of a Sherpa Kids site is largely determined by its owner and their drive to succeed.

We see our business as a management franchise that provides services to the childcare industry.

Your role is to manage your staff, develop the relationship with the community and grow the business as the demand for your service increases with enrolment.

Some Market Insights / Facts

  • Market demand is high and growing.
  • Student care is a massive growth industry globally.
  • We have an extremely strong and successful track record. We have services in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Canada, Ireland, the UK and recently launched in Singapore.


  • Low cost entry
  • A proven business model
  • A rapid return on investment
  • Recession proof

Operational Onsite

  • Ready-made, highly structured programmes that meet international standards and local guidelines.
  • Set programmes for before school care, after school care and holiday programmes.

Business Operations

  • Business mentoring is provided.
  • Business planning support is given.
  • Suite of operations available online 24/7 including: HR, Marketing, Administration, Business Operations, Finance, Onsite Policies and Procedures


  • Transition smoothly from your current role into your new Sherpa Kids business.
  • Professional Development Events


  • Support by a highly skilled and trained franchise team.
  • Ongoing business support and opportunities to up-skill and build a strong, financially secure business.
  • Marketing assistance (10 x 10 marketing plan)
  • Strong networking base with other business owners


  • Online platforms for business administration
  • Specialist childcare management software